Process Visualization of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Data


Process visualizations of data from manufacturing execution systems (MESs) provide the ability to generate valuable insights for improved decision-making. Industry 4.0 is awakening a digital transformation where advanced analytics and visualizations are critical. Exploiting MESs with data-driven strategies can have a major impact on business outcomes. The advantages of employing process visualizations are demonstrated through an application to real-world data. Visualizations, such as dashboards, enable the user to examine the performance of a production line at a high level. Furthermore, the addition of interactivity facilitates the user to customize the data they want to observe. Evidence of process variability between shifts and days of the week can be investigated with the goal of optimizing production.

Meadhbh O'Neill
Meadhbh O'Neill

My research interests include variable selection methods and predictive modelling in statistics.